Lamppost Baskets

July 29, 2013 @ 5:55 pm
posted by wdtp

lamppost3It was through the vision of the Cook Foundation that the lamppost basket project began. The Cook Foundation wanted to make a visual impact to Gloucester Main Street that would make visitors feel welcome and residents feel proud. Mrs. Adrianne Joseph, President of the Cook Foundation, remembered as a child while visiting her grandmother in Victoria, British Colombia, seeing lamppost baskets filled with flowers bursting with color and the positive and warm feeling it invoked in her.

So, the Cook Foundation began the process of the preliminary planning and research for the lamppost basket project. After initial research and gaining approval from the County of Gloucester, the Cook Foundation approached the Main Street Preservation Trust with the idea of the first phase of the project.

lamppost2The Main Street Preservation Trust embraced the project by generously funding the first 32 baskets from the historic Court Circle towards the traffic light at Route 14/Main Street. Tidewater Tropicals, a local nursery and landscape operation, was contracted for the planting and maintenance of the baskets. The Main Street Preservation Trust funded the project from 2007-2010 and baskets were added to total 40 along the street. The Cook Foundation has taken management and funding of the project as of 2011. The project would not be possible without the continued sponsorships from the community and the following have been gracious in their donations: Dr. Timothy Leigh, DDS., Hogge Real Estate, Inc. in “Memory of E. Claiborne Hogge”, Marguerite Heyworth in “Memory of Aubrey J. Ellis”, Bangkok Noi Thai Restaurant, Friends of Kitty Wilson, “In Memory of Capt. William Masek, Jr. from his children”, Jeff & Barb Smigel, Courthouse Restaurant in Memory of their son, Ashby, Bob & Lynn Ripley, Robert Hatten, Mr. & Mrs. Steelman Ketchum in Memory of Everette & Louise Ketchum, Kearfott & Julie Stone in Memory of Polly Stone & Katherine Hunter, and Suzanne Hudson in Memory of Ann H. Tunner. If you are interested in sponsoring a lamppost basket, please contact Jenny Crittenden @ 695-0700 or click here to download a lamppost basket sponsorship form.

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